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Image By: Danielle Hubbard
The Gap Years, 2003-2012
After thirteen children's books in fourteen years, I took a break, packed my car, left Colorado, and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where I fell in love with a Siberian Russian, got married, and bought a pug we named Eggburt.

Happy as a sunning kitten, I tried my hand at crockery, mosaics, embroidery, and put together some jewelry pieces. Here are some examples.
Mr. Pill Goes for a Walk
Then, I woke up one morning and I thought, let's have a lark. I'd write an out-of-the-box novel. For adults this time. Heck, I'd even illustrate it with pen and ink drawings. 
Ten years later, the fruit of this lark is A Close Encounter with Love. Followed by two children's books, also illustrated in pen and ink (both are listed on my Forthcoming Works page)
Francophone, me.
I began studying French during my Gap Years. Speaking French (however poorly) to my husband (who doesn't understand a word) and eating chocolate croissants is my idea of heaven. I dream of more books being translated into French.  So many we'd live there part-time in a charming cottage. It would be surrounded by butterflies. By day I'd draw and write in the garden. Then, at dusk, we toast to our good fortune. And later, wash our hair in rainwater.

Quel rêve!
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