Woodleigh Marx Hubbard  |  Illustrator and Author
"You need to paint, huh, V?" said Tuffer.
"Yes!" It's as though I'm starving, but instead of food, I'm hungry to make art."
"It don't make no sense comparing art to food, V," said Tuffer.
"Ok," said Valentine, see if this makes sense. You love food so much you dream about it, right?"
"Maybe," said Tuffer.
"And I bet some of your food dreams are probably strange and wonderful like foreign films, making you wonder where they came from?"
"Keep goin'."
"And these dreams are vivid, filling your mind with smells and tastes, each unique as a snowflake, and you wake up hungry?"
Tuffer licked her lips and nodded, yes.
"I have the same hunger to make art."

Excerpt from forthcoming book: A Close Encounter with Love, by Woodleigh Marx Hubbard
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