Woodleigh Marx Hubbard  |  Illustrator and Author
A Note About My Pen and Ink Drawings
I've had a love affair with pen and ink for over 50 years, even though they can be judgmental and bratty. For instance, they hold erasers in contempt. 'Get it right the first time,' the duo huff. If the ink is smudged or sneezed on, a pen nib might clog in protest. Requiring a bath. Both fussy and time-consuming. Before beginning an intricate piece, I arm myself with patience and a good night's sleep. It helps. A lot.

As an athlete needs to warm up before being asked to run a race, I need to warm up too. Being right-handed, I allow my left hand the freedom to frisk across scrap paper, like this,

putting the pen, the ink, and me in a good mood. Now. I'm ready to begin.  This requires looking and seeing what's in front of me. But more importantly, taking the time to feel the essence of my subject and therein the soul.


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