Woodleigh Marx Hubbard  |  Illustrator and Author
My Family
Any writer worth her salt will say, show, don’t tell your story. But, I will tell you, my siblings are very dear to me. And become even more so with time.
Enough said.
Sister Suzanne Hubbard
Author and Weaver
Father Earl Hubbard
Sister Alexandra Morton
Author and Scientist
Image By: Lloyd Hubbard
Brother Lloyd Hubbard
Pilot and Woodworker
My brother, Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Hubbard (retired), flew B-52’s, T-38,s T-37s, and C-130s for the Air Force. His wife Laura was also a pilot for the Air Force. He still enjoys flying as captain for Southwest Airlines. However, his love of family is his primary passion now. In addition, he enjoys the outdoors and working with wood.
Image By: Danielle Hubbard
Brother Wade Hubbard, 1959-2008
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This song Sunshine/Savannah Rose by Wade Hubbard was written for his newborn daughter
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